Friday, June 11, 2010


Friday!  Hurray!  Although I did have the last two days off from work to visit with my boyfriends parents who were in town.  It's so nice to only work 3 days.

Check out my giveaway ending on June 15th.  I have another book to add to it...something about teens.  I was going to give it to one of the girls on my camping excursion last weekend but the opportunity never presented itself.

Next Friday and Saturday is Watsatch Ragnar.  I am officially on the team Hard Days Night and we start at 8:10am.  Unofficially I'm on Team Kitchy.  About a week ago my friend Somer and team captain got a call that  her friends 7 year old son, Ray,  was diagnosed with Stage 3 Burkitt's B-Cell Lymphoma.  Wanting to do something she decided to run in Ray's honor and let him name the team.  We are now named after his favorite stuffed animal.  We are also collecting donations to offset their medical costs (already up to $5000 after 2 weeks).  If you'd like to donate head over here.

My running is so off and on.  Remember my tumble over a month ago, well my knee keeps bugging me.  I'm taking it easy right now so I can run Ragnar.  I get so frustrated not being able to do what I want.  I know, its the journey...not the destination. I hate that saying.  I want what I want and I want to run!

There is another 5K this Sunday which I'll probably go run.  Yes, I probably shouldn't if my knee is bugging me but its already paid for and I could do it as a easy run.  Yea, right.  I get so competitive when I toe the line.  See my comment above....I want what I want and I want to run!

Have a great Friday and Happy Running!


Chris said...

Good luck at Ragnar. I was hoping we would meet up at some point since we are running the same leg, but we start so darn early (we are team 696 "Ya We're Sponsored") at 5:30 AM...YUCK!!! I will keep my eyes open for your team though.

Johann said...

That relay sounds like real fun. Good luck with that and the "easy" 5k. Sorry to hear about the little boy. God strength to them. Love the team name!

Giorgio said...

I hope you'll have a nice running weekend :) Good luck on your 5 km race!