Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Series Race #4 - 5K

On my way to Summer Series Race #4 at 5:45am, I checked the temperature and it was already 92 degrees and muggy. Today's race was at Kiwanis park; started on the canal, passed the lake, thru and around the park and back down the canal. 

My Garmin watch band broke after yesterday's run and my ingenious MacGyver move was to duct tape it. I should have wrapped duct tape to hold the duct tape down.  The duct tape held for the warm up but the sweat slipped the tape off.  Since I was considering running the race without the Garmin anyways, I started it, placed it into my shirt and hoped the sweat wouldn't drown it.  Throughout the race I considered pulling it out to check pace but didn't want to give the appearance I was fishing down my own shirt. 

  • Encouraging Josh on at mile one when I passed him and encouraging him when he passed me at mile 3.
  • Remember last race when I complained about BO man?  Well I saw him again and guess what, he STILL smelled.  I noticed the shirt was a 100 ultra shirt so I guess he hasn't changed the shirt since he ran that. 
  • 5K 23.25; 7:33 min pace
  • 263rd out of 764 runners
  • 6th in my age group out of 39
  • Splits 7:12,7:45,8:02
  • Without my Garmin I didn't know my pace but knew enough that mile 1 was fast. Had I had my Garmin, I could have slowed down.  Post race I'm very bummed about the severe slip in my splits.
  • During the race I told myself it was a workout.  Did I hurt my pace by telling myself that as compared to calling it a race?

  • Laughing with Yong at the beginning of the race when he told me I couldn't put my Garmin down my top.  He thought it would bounce out (like I'm big enough for that much bouncing action).


Claudia said...

I'm proud of you for just being out there! Another case of mind over body or sweat. Did you make a decision on four or five days?

The Green Girl said...

Wow. Congratulations on running in that heat. I am melting just sitting in my apartment with a fan blowing on me.

I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I saw BO man was wearing a 100 ultra shirt and you said you didn't think he's changed it since he ran that.

LookingUpAgain said...

Great job on the race. I haven't been out running because it's been so hot here, but you prove that it can be done. Nice work. And I'm glad that your Garmin didn't bounce out :)

Jamoosh said...

I think BO man needs an intervention!

Chris K said...

No, Garmin? Ouch, not sure I could handle that. I am hopelessly addicted to looking at mine a billion times per hour.

Natalia said...

Awesome Christina! Congratulations on going out in that you know I really struggle with the heat, so good job on the race!

Middle Name Marie said...

Great race--even in the heat! Sorry about your is always sad when a training partner has to take some time off due to an injury :)

Sarah Heinle said...

You still had a great race. I always have admired your running in the heat. It's not for me.

Adam said...

So wish I could have been at this race (get used to that saying, you're going to hear it for #5 too......hrmph).

Kwanis is my fav course. I'm not sure why but I love the variety. Grass, canals, a few small rollers, sidewalks. you get it all!

Nice job out there in spite of the heat!!