Thursday, December 23, 2010

Horrible Tempo is a She

Last week I posted about my tempo run and called Tempo a "he".  Jamoosh commented that he thought Tempo was a she because people say 'tempo is a witch (with a B)'.  My tempo run this week was challenging again.  Since I have a competition going with myself to see my improvement, I was looking forward to my run.

My boss let us out early so I was able to do the run in the daylight and headed out just before 4pm.  My last two tempo runs were early morning and I wondered how it would go.   Like the horrible haircut making me look like a boy when I was 7, this run had horrible pacing and is a perfect example of how NOT to pace.

I warmed up with a mile, then picked up the pace.  I looked at the watch a couple times and I swear it said 7:45's so when the mile lap came up as 7:17 I was super surprised. Remember, my goal is 7:40  How could I possibly have run that fast when it was a struggle?  Next mile was 7:26 and then the last mile at 7:45.  That is HORRIBLE pacing and the last mile was really tough and I started walking the second I finished it.  My goal for next week is to have the third mile be fastest.  It'll be ok if I run the first 2 miles at 7:45 as long as the third mile is faster.  At least my overall pace was faster for the 3 miles.
Since I don't want to suffer with these tempo runs by know misery loves company.  The giveaway that I'll tell you about next week has something to do with a tempo run.  Yes, I'm evil like that.


lindsay said...

hmm maybe it isn't just me. my morning runs are slower than my afternoon/evening ones too.

i dread tempo runs before hand... but i like them when i'm done. course i "like" any speedwork when it's over with.

merry christmas!

Adam said...

Yeah, pacing I always a bit of a challenge for me too. But, the average was a really good pace!!!