Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Update - 11 weeks till Boston

After yesterday's decision not to complete my long run, I was leary to try again today.  Knowing the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and wondering why you're getting the same results, I changed up some things for todays run.  I started later as the sun was coming up instead of planning the bulk of the run in the dark.  Seeing the pink clouds in the sunrise with the Camelback mountains was specatular. I ran with music which helped distract me from the discomfort of the first two miles.  I ran with gloves and a headband to help me stay warm and I decided to just run and not make it a goal paced run.  While my shins did ache a lot the first two miles, I knew if I could get past the 3rd mile, I'd be ok. Overall it was a successful run.

Every 4 to 6 weeks the mileage should be decreased by 25% to give the body a rest. Since last week I hit 46 miles and  had been building, this week mileage was reduced. Reducing the miles, does not mean reducing the intensity of the runs.

Monday- rest
Tuesday- Track 3x2000 at slightly slower than 5K pace.
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 10 miles at South Mountain.  It was very windy yet my pace up the hill was 1 minute faster but I antagonized over slowing down my running partner and my mind was full of "I Can'ts" leaving me wheezing at mile 4. Recognizing the self defeating talk, I tried telling myself "I Can" on the way down.
Friday- rest
Saturday - Started the long run and decided to try again on Sunday. 3 miles
Sunday - 15 mile average 8:44 pace. Only 9 seconds off goal.

Total Miles  32.75

Diet and Nutrition Big fat F. Next week WILL be better

Core: A.  My goal last week was to do monster walks every day. I also added planks and situps every couple days.

Goal for Next Week:
1.  Track my food at even if I eat poorly. I start off great in the morning but slide downhill after lunch and quick tracking the food. Being forced to track it will help me make better decisions.
2. Monster walk AND planks every day.


Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

I'm glad that your long run was okay :)
Have a nice week, Christina!

Laura said...

Good job on the run! I hear you on the food thing..last week was a bad one for me but better already...

Ewa said...

Congrats on going for it. I mean we often get discouraged when things don't work out. Glad your run was good. Big pat on the back.

Elizabeth said...

Great job on going back out today to get the long run in.

Anonymous said...

*high five* on the long run!

Adrienne said...

It's easy to run when everything goes perfectly. It's continuing to run when we just had a off day or aren't feeling like it. Sounds like today was your day. Nice job.

Johann said...

Glad you got your run done. Wow, 11 weeks till Boston! That sounds exciting but probably scary at the same time. Take care and have a good week!

joyRuN said...

I'm usually good about tracking breakfast & lunch on fatsecret, but then I don't know what happens at dinner - I keep hoping that if I don't track the calories, they won't count?