Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Know You're a Runner When....

I love the posts, forums, articles and blogs that have me laughing out loud in my office causing people to gaze in cautiously at the usually serious, worker bee who stars unflinching at the computer monitor.  Here's our chance to add to the list...

You know you're a runner when....

  • you wish all your pants, shorts, skirts had a soft liner so you could go commando everyday.
  • you use words like hydration, chafe, wick, race pace in everyday conversation.
  • your legs are really tan, but your feet are super white.
  • you put more miles on your running shoes in a week than you do on your car.
  • you know you actually have two shoe sizes.
  • you refrain from getting pedicures for fear the lady giving it might pass out at the sight of your feet.
  • you shoot snot rockets with gusto and rejoice when you don’t have anything on your face after
  • you use the words “easy,” “run” and a 2-digit number in the same sentence.
  • you know a ‘fartlek’ isn’t an insult.
  • you are totally comfortable wearing shorts that are entirely too short for your gender.
  • planned your wedding around your Summer race schedule
  • your calves are bigger than your biceps.
  • you are willing to dig through the smelly dirty clothes hamper to find your favorite running shirt.
  • when traveling, your suitcase is full with running stuff before you even start packing regular clothes.
  • you have a shirt that says “Stop Pre”.
  • your drawers are filed with more race shirts than regular shirts. Most of which you have never worn, and probably will never wear, but you keep them anyway.
  • you have left socks and right socks.
  • you drink more water than anyone you know and still have yellow pee.
  • your cupboards are filled with gu, electrolyte supplements, protein shake mix and hundreds of water bottles.
  • you have spare gels in every bag you own.
  • you know charity “Fun Runs” are actually fun.
  • you know 1, 3, and 5-mile routes from your house and work in every direction.
  • you check the weather hoping it will rain on your run.
  • you can eat an entire loaf of bread and not feel bad about it.
  • you think it is appropriate to stretch in public places.
  • you have diamond cut calves.
  •  ‘google maps’ or ‘map my run’ is bookmarked on your computer.
  • you can’t wait to share your run stats with someone when you get done.
  •  you shave your legs, and you are a man.
  • you know your running shoes are worn out, even if they look brand new.
  • you talk to your bowels encouraging them to do their ‘thing’ before your run! -Lesli Jenks Groves
  • sleeping in on a Saturday is anything past 6:30.-Asa Flynt Reynolds
  • boys get your number they save your name in their phone as “manda runner.” Yeah, NBD. -Amanda Theobald
  • you judge others by their shoes instead of their clothes.-Dan White
  • one of your favorite things about going out of town is running someplace new! -Tanya Semerad
  • you have more shoes than your wife… and you have lost ALL of your toenails ~ Scott Dickey
  • you are afraid to eat dairy products because you have a long run tomorrow. -Rendi Freimuth
  • You try to PR when mowing the lawn 
  • You try to talk your friends and family into running a 5K because it is ONLY 3.1 miles
  • you plan your vacations around cool runs you want to do. Spouse: "Hey, lets go to Hawaii". You: "Great! There is a marathon there on 1/22. Lets go then"
  • When you instictively equate the distance of 1 kilometer to be a specific number of minutes and seconds
  • when you convert food calories into how many miles it equates to.
  • when someone asks you what you did over the weekend and you reply with "ran a SHORT race," they ask "how far" and you reply "I ONLY ran a half this weekend"
  • You know you are a runner when running in the rain or snow is just another run. 
  • You know you are a runner when you have more running shoes than work shoes.
  • Your feet look better without toenails. 
  • People at work think you're in a whole lot better shape than you think you are. 
  • You actually are in a whole lot better shape than you think you are. 
  • You spend you entire salary on running gear, ultrabars, and entry fees 
  • when you get to the top of a hill and then go back to the bottom so that you can do it again
  • when you start to record runs onto a spreadsheet so you can plot everything on a graph
  • You refer to Oktoberfest as carbo loading for the Berlin marathon the following weekend 
  • Your friends tell stories about how insane you are for getting up at 8am and running even though you just left the club 4 hours ago in Vegas. 
  • Your out of office message reads something like "I'll be out of the office running RAGNAR, a 192 mile relay race. yI'll get back to you on Monday.
  • You drink from a water bottle at the dinner table

Credits: Elizabeth Jenkins July 22, 2011 article 
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What are you favorite sayings?  What are you own you know your a runner when.....?


Richard F. said...

Funny enough, I have tan legs and super white feet -- which I realized today -- and I run barefoot. I'm doing something wrong, haha.

Love the list though!

misszippy said...

So guilty of the vacation planning around races/cool places to run! Great list.

Laura said...

Love love love these! I have a Garmin tan...that's attractive. I have specific shelves that hold all my run stuff yet I cannot file any paper work away... at all.

Giorgio said...

What a nice post, Christina! I really put more miles on my running shoes in a week than I do on my car ... because I live in the centre of the town and, consequently, I don't need car every week :)

How can we, runners, drink from a water bottle at the dinner table? A runner is a gentleman! :)

You know you're a runner because a
runner always shows his strenght even when he doesn't run :)

Have a nice weekend, Christina!

Black Knight said...

A funny list with many sayings.
Indeed before every trip I check: 1 the races around; 2 if I can run outside; 2bis if there is a treadmill in the hotel.
You are a runner if you read the Christina's blog!