Friday, September 2, 2011

Monk and The Elliptical and the Case of the Mismatched Shoes

I canceled my Blockbuster membership and switched over to Netflix.  Blockbuster closed the local stores making it impossible to exchange the DVD for another one and having the DVD's show up in the mail wasn't as fun anymore when they sat there waiting to be watched.  Netflix doesn't have a great selection of movies but they do have some TV shows that I enjoy watching, like Monk.  Netflix has 100 episodes of Monk that I am thoroughly enjoying and only have 85 more to go.  Monk is an excellent detective and has an EXTREME OCD personality that if it wasn't for his assistant, he would be unable to function in the world.  His OCD habits cause me to cringe yet laugh out loud.   This last week I have been watching one a day while I use the elliptical.  I signed up for a boot camp thinking it would force me to do my core exercises and day one the lunges left my glute screaming for a break and I was so sore the next day.  On the 2nd day the little short sprints caused my calf to cramp up tighter than Adam's butt out while he's out on a run trying not to poop.   So it's been a week, the calf is still tight and I get terribly grumpy when I can't run.  And why is it when I can't run, I increase my food intake 10 fold and  make poorer choices.  French fries and chocolate have been staples the last week.   It should be the opposite.  If I can't run then I should be more aware and make better choices.  Oh well.  At least I'm getting in lots of Monk time.

My friend Rob showed up to track with two different shoes (at least they weren't two left shoes) and two different brands at that.  The jokes flew around that he was cross dressing and took the advice to switch out his shoes to the extreme.  Have you ever showed up with the wrong shoes, mismatched shoes or two lefts/rights?
Have a great three day weekend.

Happy Running!

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