Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Road Again

I've been back running for 2 weeks since I pulled a calf muscle.  It feels AWESOME to be running again and the mornings are beautiful.  It still hits 100 degrees during the day but the mornings have finally cooled off making it perfect running weather.

This morning I ran fartleks.  2 minutes quick running followed by 1 minute easy jog.  Breaking up the run with fartleks made the miles go fast. I thought I was at the 2 mile mark of my run but realized my 3 mile turn around was in front of me. Awesome.

I'll keep up the fartleks for my runs to increase my overall speed.  Taking a month off from running decreased my endurance and speed but I can use the fartleks to keep in the run interesting and continue to build until the quick pace gets easier.

Do you incorporate fartleks into your workout?

Happy Running!


Jamoosh said...

Good to hear the calf is behaving. Maybe it's the onset of better running weather!

Black Knight said...

Great news! However 100° is hot again.
At the moment I am too lazy for fartlek, I prefer to store mileage for my marathon.