Friday, November 5, 2010

Blogger Statisics

I'm not sure when Blogger added it, but they added a tab to my dashboard called Stats.

It has some really cool stuff.  For example, the top 5 pages of my blog hit for all time are:

You can also select for the day, week or month too.

You can see more detail on the posts tab and see that in just the last week 16 people with nothing better to do looked at my Got Poop post. (BTW, I have in draft stage Got Poop II.  Now that I know there is a demand for poop, I'll have to finish it up).  It's interesting to see what people search for.

Traffic Sources show where people are coming from for just that week.  Thanks Racing with Babes, Sneakersister and RunTallWalkTall.  And know I've even linked back to them.    The infomation on where people are linking from for All time is interesting (again thanks Racing with Babes and RunTallWalkTall.)

And the coolest information is where the audience is. Check this out!

Someone from Poland, Russia and Slovenia has bounced over to my little blog.  Amazing.  And this is just for the month. The All time shows the top 10 hits so I can't see all the places people are from. 

And if you're geeky, you can see what browser people use and what device they are using to check out your blog. 

So check out your tabs.  What did you find of interest on your stats tab?


Jamoosh said...

I learned that Slovenia is the next big hotbed for Followers!


I love the stats tab! And you are welcome. Pretty sure I didn't do anything special. But I'm happy to take credit!

Adrienne said...

Now I'm going to go check out your poop post!

Claudia said...

HA! thanks for pointing the stats tab!

trifitmom said...

ahh, love this, thanks. i use to have stat info on another blog but was too lazy to do on this one, but i love this stuff. i am a stats nut

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are pulling data from google. Blogger added the stats, most likely, to catch up to what wordpress is doing. This has been a common wordpress feature and blogger is finally trying to catch up to the big boys. Another feature that was added within the past year or so is the Pages feature.

I find that a lot of the international hits are due to a lot of colloquialism searches. For instance, on my blog I wrote a post entitled, "Note to self: Suck It Up!" and it gets hits CONSTANTLY from other countries.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I like seeing the google phrases that bring readers to my blog like this one: I ran 10 miles, how many ice cream sundaes can I eat.

And I have no idea! ; )

Black Knight said...

Please e.mail me at so I can write something about Tuscany. Have a good sunday.

The Green Girl said...

Yeah, you learn interesting things when you examine your blog stats.

I've discovered my injury posts get the most hits by far.

Beth said...

I noticed this a while ago too. Its cool, but you can also check out Its way more in-depth, but for some reason it doesn't get the same pageviews as stats.